Hours: 10AM – 5PM | July 23rd – July 25th

Anaheim Convention Center, 2nd Floor ROOM 208B

Need an escape from the VidCon chaos? Join us in the Vimeo Studio on the Creator Track Floor to chill out, network, and hear from cool industry peeps as to why selling directly to your fans is the better way to make money from your videos.

Come by the Vimeo Studio to:  
o Kick back, down some caffeine, and charge your devices.
o Catch exclusive talks and other events hosted by Vimeo + special guests, available only to Creator / Industry attendees.
o Interact with our handy calculator to determine how much more money you can make selling your videos vs. relying on traditional advertising models.

If you wish to attend any sessions at the Vimeo Studio @ VidCon, Please RSVP here


Thursday, July 23rd @ 11 AM – 12PM 

From Short to Series: Turning PJ Liguori’s (aka KickThePJ) Oscar’s Hotel into a Hit

Released by New Form Digital in the first round of their Incubator series of short films,  PJ Liguori’s (aka KickThePj) whimsical “Oscar’s Hotel” grabbed the attention of Vimeo with its vivid characters and offbeat humor. Now, with the backing of a major digital studio and one of the world’s largest VOD platforms, PJ is turning his concept into a six-part series launching globally this fall. Hear from the various stakeholders involved in turning this short into a high quality series on Vimeo. 



o PJ Liguori | Oscar’s Hotel 
    Twitter: @kickthepj
o Kathleen Grace | New Form Digital 
o Sam Toles | VP, Content Acquisition & Business Development, Vimeo  
o Moderator: Natalie Jarvey | The Hollywood Reporter


Thursday, July 23rd @ 1PM – 2PM 

Fullscreen | Vimeo: The hunt for content 

Earlier this year, Vimeo and Fullscreen announced a collaboration to bring exclusive content for global distribution, as well as the power of Vimeo On Demand to Fullscreen’s community of creators. Between these two dynamic groups, some amazing projects are being created and coming to life. Interviewed by Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw, Fullscreen Founder George Strompolos and Vimeo’s head of Audience Greg Clayman will discuss the ever-evolving video ecosystem and how the two top ten global video
platforms are working together in this new era.  This session is dedicated to the Fullscreen community, but open to all. Not a member? Learn more about how to JOIN HERE.


o Greg Clayman | GM, Audience Networks, Vimeo
o George Strompolos | Fullscreen
o Moderator: Lucas Shaw | Bloomberg


Thursday, July 23rd @ 3PM – 4PM 

A Conversation with RocketJump


Freddie Wong and the RocketJump creators behind Video Game High School (returning to YouTube this fall with season 3), roll out new episodes each week on YouTube supported by ads. However for those die-hard fans that didn't want to wait or sit through pre-roll ads, the series was launched in its entirety on Vimeo On Demand - available as a 4K download for just $10. Within a matter of days, fans from North America to Singapore (and 100 countries in between!) had purchased the series. Come learn how RocketJump used Vimeo as part of their windowing strategy to maximize revenue potential, and hear how this is a great example of the control that the Vimeo platform enables. 

o Freddie Wong | Co-Found and Managing Partner, RocketJump
     Twitter: @fwong
o Matt Arnold | Co-Founder and Managing Partner, RocketJump
     Twitter: @mattLarnold
o Dez Dolly | Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director, RocketJump 
     Twitter: @DezDolly
o Moderator: Andrea Allen | Director, Production & Community, Vimeo


Friday, July 24th @ 11AM – 12PM

A Conversation with Sawyer Hartman 


From Internet vlogging, to YouTube stardom, to serious filmmaking, Sawyer Hartman has made a steady transition over the past few years in the world of digital content. More than just a pretty face, Hartman has a deep passion for film and is quickly earning himself a name in the industry, most recently with his thought-provoking film Parallax, releasing on Vimeo On Demand on September 8th. Moderated by Vimeo’s own Andrea Allen, hear Hartman speak about his goals as a young filmmaker, and learn from his success story.  


o Sawyer Hartman | Filmmaker
    Twitter: @SawyerHartman
o Moderator: Andrea Allen | Director, Production & Community, Vimeo

Friday, July 24th @ 1PM – 2PM

Crowdfunding + Direct Distribution: Building the next era of film

The future of film is thriving for young, independent filmmakers and content creators due in large part to the explosion in crowdfunding and self-distribution platforms like Indiegogo and Vimeo On Demand. The combination of grassroots-funding and audience- building platform makes the filmmaking dream a whole lot more accessible. Join Indiegogo and Vimeo as they discuss how to build a global audience for your next project and finance your film, and hear the success story of one of our newer Indiegogo-funded Vimeo titles Everything Before Us.

o  Wesley Chan | Filmmaker, Wong Fu Productions
     Instagram: @thewesleychan
o Phillip Wang | Filmmaker, Wong Fu Productions
     Instagram: @wongfuphil
o Peter Gerard | Director, Audience Development & Content Operations 
o Kristen Konvitz | Film & Digital Manager, Indiegogo
     Twitter: @therealkkon, @indiegogo
o Moderator: Todd Longwell | VideoInk


Friday, July 24th @ 3PM – 4PM

Find an Audience, Keep an Audience

With roughly a bajillion Youtube channels all vying for daily attention, finding and keeping a loyal fandom is probably the hardest thing to do. Industry veterans MikeDiva and Rocketjump's Pwnisher sit down to discuss how to get fans and keep them.

This session is dedicated to the Machinima community, but open to all. Not a member? 

o Peter Gerard | Director, Audience Development & Content Operations
o Mike Dahlquist (Mike Diva) | Creator
     Twitter: @Mikediva
o Clinton Jones (Pwnisher) | Creator
      Twitter: @_Pwnisher_
o Moderator: Woody Tondorf | Director of Development, Machinima


Saturday, July 25th @ 11AM – 12PM

Smashing the Ceiling: Females in Film 

In the male-dominated field of film, 2015 hasn’t been the banner year for women in film we were all hoping for. The number of major studio films directed by women in 2014 fell to a stubbornly low 4.6%. However, visibility and action are key: talented female filmmakers are figuring out ways to smash through the glass ceiling, particularly in the digital space. Join us for a discussion with some very talented and successful women in the industry who will share what it means to be female in film today and offer tips for breaking through the barriers.

o Cherish Chen | Creative Producer, Rocket Jump 
      Twitter: @rjfilmschool
o Katie Reed | Main Channel Editor, SMOSH 
      Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: @thatkatiereed
o Bronwyn Lewis | Community Manager, Mobile Video, Adobe Creative Cloud
      Twitter: @bronwynlewis
o Moderator: Andrea Allen | Director, Production & Community, Vimeo




It’s probably unlikely that your film will be picked up by a major studio and released as this summer’s next big blockbuster, but no need to worry - there are new ways to ensure great success for your project. Supergravity’s Marc Hustvedt and Max Benator discuss the benefits of direct-to-consumer video distribution, and how the film The Chosen (starring YouTube fan-favorite Kian Lawley and releasing during VidCon) can gain blockbuster status in the digital world and make more money by selling directly to fans on Vimeo On Demand.

THE CHOSEN Official site 
THE CHOSEN on Twitter
THE CHOSEN on Instagram

o Marc Hustvedt | Founder, SUPERGRAVITY Pictures
     Twitter: @MarcHustvedt
o Max Benator | Founder, SUPERGRAVITY Pictures
     Twitter: @benator
o Moderator: Andrea Allen | Director, Production & Community, Vimeo